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Square Star Media is a web-development studio with over 12 years’ experience

We focus primarily on WordPress and provide design, functionality, data-management and maintenance services, covering every facet of your website and its content


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    E-Commerce Stock-Updater

    A WordPress plugin to facilitate regular stock updates of WooCommerce products using a custom spreadsheet-import process.
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    Educational Journal Tool

    An educational tool to allow students to log specific skills to course components or modules, as well as adding entries for custom, personal components
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    Clinical Trials Database

    A WordPress site to import and manage clinical trial data, and give visitors a fast, user-friendly way to search that data
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    Customer Ticket Service

    A custom, online system for a building-maintenance company’s clients to submit details of maintenance jobs, track their progress and respond to updates and queries
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    User Collections

    A WordPress plugin to allow logged-in users to browse content and add items of interest to personal collections for later review or sharing
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    We Can Help with All Aspects of Your Website

    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    • Graphic Design
    • New Features
    • Maintenance & Updates
    • Security & Fixes
    • Data Migration

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