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Educational Journal Tool

This was an interesting project. The tool in question already existed as a custom-built package based on code-igniter. The client wanted the whole system moved to WordPress. Features included:

  • Assigning a curriculum to students
  • Ad hoc assignment of curriculum components to students
  • Components should be browseable by topic or provider (the component courses are delivered by a variety of institutions)
  • Students should be able to log the development of certain skills for each assigned component
  • Students should be able to add custom components (such as a lecture they attended outside the curriculum) and log skills for them from the same pool as for their curriculum components
  • Students should be able to add some other relevant data to their profiles
  • Students should be able to download a pre-formatted version of their logged skills

The solution was provided in the form of a WordPress plugin that re-created all the required functionality from the previous version, along with any updates and changes. It made extensive use of Advanced Custom Fields; to provide the administrative interface for managing assignment of curricula and components; and to record the logged skills from the students’ frontend.

It was an enjoyable project to work on; devising custom functionality is my favourite thing to do and this was an unusual situation where there was a working example of almost everything required and the requirement was to translate it for a new platform.

The project went very well and is currently (08/04/2021) running at https://education.icatprogramme.org; however the actual functionality is only visible to those enrolled in the system.


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