Task Website

This project was to create a portfolio site for Task Contracting. They wanted a website that specifically targeted residential construction, appealing to both homeowners and designers.

The solution was to take an existing WordPress theme that did a good job of presenting the qualities that Task wanted to project and extend it with a child-theme to customise and refine it for their needs.

This was a simple project and did not require any difficult problem-solving, but I’m including it here because it’s a fine example of what can be achieved on a small budget with some off-the-shelf packages and judicious customisation. The photographs were all taken by amateurs with a good eye and a decent camera. A professional could certainly improve on them, but most of the examples on the site do a perfectly good job.

A final reason I’m including this project is that I just like it! I like the style and the atmosphere, and I love how the main front-page image’s yellow fits the company’s branding 🙂

The site can currently (07/04/2021) be seen at http://task.builders


Task Contracting